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Texas Water Development Board Designates City Of Cotulla Administrator Larry Dovalina As A Member Of The Nueces Regional Flood Planning Group

Cotulla, Texas (October 1, 2020) --- The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is the agency designated by the state legislature to provide technical and financial assistance to the regional flood planning process. Larry Dovalina has been selected as a member of the Nueces Regional Flood Planning Group (RFPG), out of more than 600 nominations received during the nomination period.

There are a total of 15 regional flood planning groups. These goups will be responsible for developing Texas' first-ever state flood plans by January 2023, which will culminate in the state's first-ever state flood plan. 10 members, including Dovalina, are designated to serve as initial voting members of the Nueces Regional Flood Planning Group, with Dovalina representing the water utilities interest category.

Based on the nomination process and review of Larry's qualifications and experience, TWDB Executive Administrator Jeff Walker is confident that Dovalina will be capable of providing adequate representation of the water utilities category he has been designated to as well as being successful in his group in developing the first Nueces Regional Flood Plan. "I an looking forward to dealing with all the problems that come with the proximity of the Nueces River", stated Dovalina. " The overarching goal of regional flood planning, and the comprehensive state flood plan that will rely on the plans created by these regions, is to protect against loss of life and property from flooding."

-Jeff Walker, TWDB Executive Administrator.

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